Our Story

In the Spring of 2015 we sold our city life and moved to the country. It was a dream we deliberated over many years. Not ever living in the country, away from our family and everyday conveniences brought in a overwhelming level of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.  We wondered and questioned - What if we didn’t like it? What if it didn’t work? What if it wasn’t all that we thought it would be? What if it set us back financially? What if we failed?  

Making the decision ultimately landed on us asking this question:

What would you regret more…

  1. Making the move and failing?
  2. Not making the move and wondering what life could have been like if you did?

Making the BIG Move

As you know we chose option B.  Even though this choice was filled with an inordinate number of unknowns, the knowing that this life was possible for us to create, was the just the fuel we needed to say yes.

Looking back now, we can tell you that all that we created was not even in our paradigm at that time.  We moved to our 85-acre property a few hours north-west of Toronto thinking we’d have a small garden and a place to do some hiking and ATV riding.



Life Today

Fast-forward five years later and the life we imagined became so much more. Today we grow most of our own vegetables, have two ponies (Jiminy Cricket and Barry Manilow), raise chickens, keep bees, smoke our own cured meats and sausages, make maple syrup and grow lavender to make essential oils.

We didn’t know how to do much of these things when we got here. Our curiosity to learn and grow kept us moving forward.


Why Lavender?

We also value tradition and want to preserve the customs we were raised with.  Our parents and our local elder farmers are a continued resource we turn to for help. Moving forward is not only about bringing in the new, fresh, and innovative. It’s about taking the lessons and traditions of the past with us as we evolve and grow.

Lavender is one of those traditions for us.  We have a deep love for lavender that stems back from our trips to Croatia where our family comes from. Growing lavender started out as a passion project for us as a family to do together. 

Each lavender plant was planted by us and is maintained by hand.  No big, fancy machines, only our small, but mighty family of three trimming, watering, weeding, and harvesting our field.  


Why Purple Birch?

We called our farm the Purple Birch because of the significance behind the word ‘purple’ and symbolism behind the birch tree.

The colour purple represents abundance, wisdom, creativity, peace, and spirituality.

The birch tree represents transformation, renewal, new beginnings, adaptability, and stability.

These are things we want more in life and to create with our families, friends, community, and the world at large.


What's Next?

Our wish for you is that our life, family, and farm help you:

  • Get inspired to get outside your comfort zone to follow your dreams.
  • Have more ease, calm and peace of mind in this noisy, busy, distracted world we live in.
  • Experience deeper connections to the people you live, work, and play with and the plentiful nature that surrounds us.
  • Use your life to learn, grow, and create things that make a meaningful difference to others.

Thank you for visiting and we hope that our love for lavender, learning and life, fuel you too!